I Glasgow...

How “smart” are you?

Today I had to say goodbye to something that gave me my freedom in Glasgow the last 3 years. I was never a keen driver and coming to Scotland the idea of driving really challenged me. I suddenly moved out of the city and had to buy a car or wait for the bus that was never coming on time and that was every hour of the day. When I missed it I had to wait for one hour for the next one. So I had to buy a car but I was really scared as I had to learn to drive on the left side of the road (in Greece we drive on the right) and maybe change gears with my left hand (mission impossible! My left hand is only used for supporting purposes and typing, and is usually inactive most of the day).

I bought my beautiful Smart car which was automatic and easy to drive and really freed me. I would recommend it to anyone that feels a bit like me when it comes to driving especially in another country. Today I had to let it go as I have bought a new car (I will post some photos of this in the days to come), so this is a big Goodbye to my beautiful Smart. I wish I could keep it too…but I cannot.

I am a “Smart” person. How about you?

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