Happy New 2013…


My dearest friends…the time has come! We are officially in 2013! Woohoo! I feel so excited and I am not really sure why. I just feel so positive about the days coming ahead, I am full of excitement and I am dancing along to the songs on the radio. It is so great feeling content and grateful with everything you have, everything that life has offered you until now and also the relief that comes with the realisation that your choices brought you to the path you were dreaming of.

During the new year, I will be starting in a new job, enjoying a happy family, spending fun time with lots of dear friends and continue learning French with passion. I also want to start dancing more, take piano lessons and do some amateur drama. And I certainly do not have the time to do them. But life is about dreaming and having pure excitement about things like that. And I refuse to give up dreaming…as there is always time to do that! :-)

So Happy New Year everybody out there and remember to be true to yourselves!

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