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Paris and autumn 2013…



Hello my dear friends! I have had a very busy couple of months stressful and exciting as I am moving house and I could not be happier. Our beautiful house sold within 10 days and now we are free to dream about our new life to West End of Glasgow. I do promise to dedicate a full post when we move in to our very special property. I am sure you are going to like it too.

I am just back from Paris where we spent a wonderful weekend with our Italian friends Alessandro, Chiara and Beatrice. I love it so much and I never want to leave. I found though the use of metro with a young toddler and a pram completely impossible as usually there are stairs and very few lifts and on top of this, the Parisians just stare at you struggling down the stairs killing your back and risking your child’s life and do not ever offer to help. What happened to the savoir vivre and rules of politeness?

Despite that, it was all dreamy. We had our best meal at the Petit Zinc: Oysters, beef steak au poivre and the best créme brulée I have ever tasted. The environment was one of the most beautiful too and the manager spoke in Greek and Italian too. Absolutely recommended! I bought again a 20 piece box of macarons de Pierre Hermés and tried a piece of the wonderful gateau Sarah. Ohhh the food and the wine were exquisite! We also visited the Ciné Aqua which was really nice for the children.

We also saw this absolutely spooky man that had made the most incredible bicycle. If I did not know any better, I would have thought he is related to Leonardo Da Vinci. Possibly he aspires to…haha!

I went in the Repetto shop (I just love everything about ballet since I was a little ballerina in my childhood years) and wanted so much this dress here! Their shoes were also so elegant and there was a little area of proper ballet shoes…I wanted to stay there for hours…



















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