Sunday brunch at Nick’s…


It was Sunday. Not just any Sunday though…before that it was Saturday and before that it was Friday. I know you know this. What you do not know is that on Friday night we went out partying! Until 5pm…after a long, long, long time! And then it was Saturday and we went to a dinner party. We had a fantastic time and left early…well compared to the previous night I mean…it was only 2 am.

We woke up on Sunday morning, and I felt so hungry…mmmmmm! I wanted some poached eggs…with mushrooms, toast and maybe bacon. Some tomatoes would not be declined either! And my mum, who is visiting for a few days, wanted a lovely hot mocha and cake. My lovely man proposed a place I had not been at before…Nick’s on Hyndland road. I said “Are you sure? This is an Italian restaurant darling!” “Just trust me”, he said. “It is a very nice place and they will have lots of things that you will like”. Mmmmm…my stomach could not resist the temptation. So we went in…We all loved the atmosphere, the staff was very friendly and attentive but the food,coffee and dessert were what I enjoyed so much!

Mum was amazed (which is quite rare as she is a difficult person to please!).


She loved her coffee mocha!

And I loved my poached eggs….hmmmm….yum yum!_MG_0091

The Christmas decorations were on…_MG_0086

And the place looks very very good, I must admit!_MG_0085




We could not go anywhere without Thomas and his friends…_MG_0060


Scarlett loved her chicken lollipops (and the chips)!_MG_0077


And Lesley and Fiona had yummy burgers…_MG_0074

Look what I have got! (Chocolate brownie <3)_MG_0068



So how do you spend hangover Sundays?

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