Boudoir cocktails

Exciting nights have passed and I am looking forward to the new posts about them. This one will show you what we were up to on Friday night. We went at a cocktail/wine bar but not just a bar. This place has style, plays great music and it can actually offer you fantastic cocktails! I have been to so many places that they cannot make a decent cocktail and it is always such a disappointment…especially for a cocktails’ girl like myself.

Our friends Lyn and Chris were with us too and as you will see from the photos we had a great time. I am looking forward to the next time we go out :-)

Lyn had a French martini to start with…

Then we followed with Violet Butterflies (secret recipe and totally amazing!)

The bar also has nights with live music but it is a lovely place to meet friends or if you are going romantic you should book one of the lovely booths.

I was so happy wearing my Vivienne Westwood dress and my new necklace!

Darren, the owner, could not resist a photo with the team!

And then it was time to go.

Which is your favourite cocktail bar in Glasgow?

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  • Andrea

    I love these pictures, looks like a good time!! And that polka dot dress is fabulous!!!

    Andrea Fer, Not Quite Grown Up Guide

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Thank you so much Andrea for your lovely comment :-)

  • Nicole Marie Story

    Oh, newfound girlfriend, I love this post! In fact, after a long gorgeous day of hiking in the forest with my little tiny dog, I am sipping my second cocktail, and it is a perfect compliment to your glam post! Dirty gin. They were made for me… and for Lauren Bacall. ;) xo

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Thank you so much Nicole! A cocktail night is always a good night :-)

  • Amicia Rai

    Great pics! That bar looks awesome! ^_^

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Thank you Amicia! It is really great and they know how to make a decent cocktail! :-)

  • Charlene

    Oh wow, I’ve never been to Boudoir, but after seeing these gorgeous Violet Butterfly cocktails I think I’ll have to pop in sometime!


    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Definitely recommended Charlene! The Violet Butterly is delicious and the bar is so cool too! Hope you have a great time xxx

  • http://denamerikanske.blogspot

    Lovely photos, first time reading your blog and I must say I enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading more!

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Thank you so much! New post coming today, hope you enjoy it! Keep in touch xx

  • Samantha J Robb

    I can’t believe I haven’t been here! Need to venture to the Merchant City more often! Loving your dress Mrs!


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