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When in Corfu…


Many of you ask me what to do, where to go when you visit Corfu. Corfu for me is not just my hometown. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. And it would be even better if the locals were a bit more sensitive towards it, if it took care of it more and respected the town and each other. However, I never supported moaning in this blog therefore I will stop here. When in Corfu I get dressed to feel like a million dollars.


I go for coffee to Kohlias Cafe and meet my fabulous friends.


I stroll around Corfu town (which has a unique history of Venetian, French and British occupancy and architecture) and take in all the details.








I stroll around in the warm sun and go shopping, shopping, shopping. My favourite shops are MEXX, BYoung, Acrobat, Kassandra’s and when I feel really really ready for a splash…Mezzo Mezzo is the place for haute couture.









I eat in lovely restaurants. This new favourite is called Salto and the chef/owner is the loveliest guy ever! The food is totally a different wonderful experience with unique combination of tastes. I went with Colin and our dearest friends, Eugenia and Kostas, to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. I just cannot believe how fast time has flown!



The environment of the restaurant is beautiful and relaxing. Check out this wall made of parts of wooden wine boxes! How artistic!





Some photos of the dishes we enjoyed to the level of desiring to lick the plates.



No this is not a dessert. It is halloumi cheese with peanuts and honey! Yum yum!


The weather was very nice so we went to a beach near Corfu town to enjoy it. Now this is NOT a beach I recommend. It is called Mon Repo and it is the only place in Corfu where you need to pay to enter for a swim. It was though a good opportunity to take some nice photos!

Look how strong Scarlett is!











Have you ever been to Corfu? Which island is your favourite? If you enjoyed this post you can find an earlier one I did for Corfu here :-)

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  • porlasramasblog

    I love this king of pictures of buildings and facades. Nice post!

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Thank you so much! Corfu has indeed a beautiful architecture, colours and style and therefore is a very inspiring subject. Which is your favourite city? X

    • GreekGirlGlasgow

      Oh thank you so much. The colours are so vivid because the island has recently had a touch-up, when it achieved a place within the UNESCO World Heritage Cities. I treasure every minute I get to spend there and I miss it a lot. Have you ever been there? xx

  • masha

    Is that a Greek goddess on the stairs? Beautiful photo! :)

    • GreekGirlGlasgow

      Thank you Masha! I had such a wonderful time in Corfu and cannot wait to go back. I grew up on the island however everytime I visit I try to get different views of it and capture them in photos that I treasure when I am away. Have you ever been to Corfu yourself? xx

  • Carsla

    Beautiful fashions, sights & smile! (:

    ♥ | | xoxo