The only summer tart recipe you will want to try!

Imagine yourself in a warm summer evening. You have had a lovely evening meal and you are relaxing to some jazz with a glass of sweet wine. If only you could enjoy a dessert made especially for the occasion…a cool summer peach and rasberry creamy tart you my domestic goddess have freshly made this morning. Ahhh life cannot get much better than the satisfaction the little things bring!

So this is one of my favourite summer tart recipes. It is from one of the cookbooks that should not be missing from any decent kitchen. It is called Cake Days by the inspiring Hummingbird Bakery.

This is a truly delightful recipe, as the rest of the recipes in this book, and therefore you should without any hesitation buy the book if you want to make it yourself as I will not list the amount of ingredients here. So please do not get disappointed, we are all looking after people who have worked hard things that the rest of us can then enjoy, things that can make life an inchy pinchy special :-)


Make the lovely pastry for the base by mixing your butter, flour, sugar and egg.


You should end up with something as lovely and cuddly as this that you then put in the fridge for a wee rest.


Then you roll it all out, prick it with a fork and blind bake it in the oven until nice and golden.


Then you make the delicious custard cream. You boil the milk with vanilla essence.


In the mixer you beat some eggs with flour, cornflour and sugar.


Combine together and you get your lovely custard cream. Yes you can lick the bowl once you pour it in your tart base. But first it needs to cool down and put some cling film on top of it so it does not create a crust.



Then you whip the double cream and fold it in your cooled custard.


Enjoy in a summer day with fresh peaches, rasberries and leaves of mint. Do not forget to invite your friends to show what a domestic goddess you are!

Which is your favourite summer dessert? Are you a fruit or chocolate dessert type of person?

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  • Lucy

    This looks delicious. I love the hummingbird bakery recipes, just need to try one now!!

    • GreekGirlGlasgow

      Hi Lucy! It was yummy yummy dessert (as you can understand it was gone in a flash!). What kind of desserts do you prefer? I like chocolate as a bar however I am not a chocolate dessert type. ;-) xx

  • Amicia Rai

    Ooooh the beautifulness! *.* This looks so good! Thank you so much for the lovely recipe, I will definitely try this!

  • Monique@The Urban Mum

    Oh delicious – this is my Husband’s favourite – and we all know the way to a mans heart…is paved in Summer ‘custard and fruit’ Tart. I just have to be brave enough to make my own custard – and not cheat with some from the deli. Cheers Monique

    • GreekGirlGlasgow

      Hi Monique

      So glad you liked it as much as I do. Making the custard is really easy and more satisfying as you will know you have achieved the whole thing yourself (and certainly your hubby will appreciate it too). You can alter the summer fruit with cooked pears and apples for a winter twist ;-) I am looking forward to hearing how it went!