New season new hair


I have finally done it! I thought the ombre hair is starting to become old-fashioned plus everybody now wears it so it was time for a change. This is a new season…I have come back from a summer full of friends, family, sunny sandy times near turquoise waters and sun glowing skin to starting my French classes again (I have been learning french for 3 years now!), taking ballet classes with pink pointe shoes and thinking of starting my piano lessons after 15 years of finger idleness. So many things to look forward too and I needed a new look to brave it all. I have never had my hair so short before. It was lovingly done by my fabulous hairdresser Courtney from the Twisted Sister hair salon in Glasgow Merchant City, previously featured in this well-read post of mine.



What is the wildest thing you have done with your look?

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  • Zuma

    Cutting hair can truly be terrifying, even though we all know very well that hair grow back! When I was little, my mom would never allow me to cut my hair, but I hated my long braids and big fluffy bows. So when I was 9, I got so upset that I went to the bathroom and just chopped about 6″ off! I was very scared to get out of the bathroom after what I’ve done. Interestingly, when mom saw me, she did not say anything… Only as an adult I grew my hair long again :-) xx
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    • GreekGirlGlasgow

      Hi Zuma! Yes it felt as terrifying for me but I thought that since it is the recent fashion trend I will not be alone ;-) It was the opposite for me when I was little…I wanted long beautiful hair and my mum kept on asking the hairdresser to keep it almost boyish. I hated it myself and as an adult I have been trying hard to have long hair. It is the first time I cut it so short since I was about 10 years old. But because this has been my decision I love it :-)

  • David S Geddes

    You do realise that you now outshine that lovely garden in the background ! Both you and garden are looking stunning as we travel towards the darker winter months ! Keep us bright and happy with your regular updates :-) x

    ps , we are about to leave for Thailand for 3wks so keep looking on my facebook page for what we get up to !

    • GreekGirlGlasgow

      Thank you so much for your lovely words David :-) Have a fabulous time in Thailand, I am so jealous! Big hugs to both you and Elaine xxx