Charity dinner at the Hampden Park for Alzheimer Scotland


Colin and I were invited to the charity dinner of Alzheimer Scotland at the Hampden Park Stadium in Glasgow. It was so exciting to be part of this since working all these years with patients I understand how much research and support contributes to improve quality of life and what a difference that makes to them. On arrival to the stadium, we were welcomed with a bubbly drink and were shown to our table, where a bag full of goodies was waiting for us. It contained a 1/2 hour spa treatment (you know I love these!), some eye make-up, a bottle of beer (I would prefer some pink champagne), and other little treats.

Paul Cooney opened the speeches and we were shown how patients with Alzheimer’s disease have been supported in groups that involve football games. It was so lovely to see patients to light up and get involved in interactions that their families did not think that they could still participate in.

Mr Craig Brown, CBE and famous manager of Scotland’s football team, he is actually the second most successful manager of all time, gave a very funny speech however he made the mistake to mention Greece which meant that he gave me the opportunity to meet him. He was very nice to me :-) When I went over to say hello, he was talking to Mr Bill Martin, this wonderful Scottish songwriter and music publisher. I was so thrilled to have my photo taken with them.










Charity142With Mr Craig Brown, CBE and second most successful manager of all time, and Mr Bill Martin, songwriter and music publisher (what an honour!).

Are there any charities that you support?


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