Hong Kong diary

I have been so excited about this trip. We were invited to Hong Kong some months ago, and the last few days the excitement was just getting bigger and out of control! I have managed to take lots and lots of photos that I will try to show you in this and following posts, so the first diary of my journey just starts here.

We took a direct flight from London, which was about 12 hours long; it was certainly no problem as we decided to book an overnight flight. I cannot recommend it enough! We arrived mid-afternoon local time and after a long needed shower, hair and make-up do at our hotel we went out for dinner. The weather is just perfect too! Imagine lovely spring weather requiring just long-sleeved tops, light-weight skirts or jeans and no jacket or overcoat (heaven!). Dinner was a lovely traditional Chinese/Thai selection of plates at a restaurant with one of the best views I have experienced.

Next day, I was up quite late but still retaining all my excitement. I explored the spa and swimming pool at the roof top of the hotel and I went shopping in the Pacific Place mall (oh dear, this place is so filled with so many beautiful things and yet so simple and minimal looking, it took my breath away). I must confess I did pay a visit in the Louis Vuitton shop for a bag from my Christmas wish-list but I was informed that the specific model had been discontinued…oh well I need to continue the search for the perfect bag then ;-). Coming back we took the Ferry across, such a cute little thing. Scarlett wanted so badly an ice-cream but we were 5 minutes late and the shop had just closed so she had to do with the healthy option of a large carton of milk before she happily fell asleep in her cot (she is almost 4 but the hotel thought it would be a good idea…and so did Scarlett!).

Day 3 involved a long long stroll in the centre of the city and Hollywood Road and a visit at the Man Mo temple. I admit that I was wearing completely the wrong shoes for this type of adventure and ended up blistered and unhappy. I had to buy a new pair of walking shoes to survive the rest of the trip. But I will keep all this detail for the next post.

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  • luciana

    Love your pictures! Makes me want to go travelling!

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Thank you so much Luciana! I admire your work so much so it really means a lot that you like what I have done with this post. I hope you go travelling very soon :-) Xx

  • Spyros Sourtzinos


    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Thank you Spyro!

  • MissLilly

    love the photos, awesome

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Thank you very much Miss Lilly! A new post with more photos is coming soon :-)

  • http://www.dailydogtag.com/ Beth_Daily_Dog_Tag

    Gorgeous photos!

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Thank you so much Beth!

  • http://stephlui.blogspot.com Stephanie Silv. Lui

    Great shots!! Shopping beauty in Pacific Place is heaven for me!! Plenty of boutiques and dainty shops up in Soho too (;


    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      It was definitely my favourite mall too Stephanie! So elegant, simple and full of lovely things. Which one is your favourite shop? X

      • http://stephlui.blogspot.com Stephanie Silv. Lui

        Way too many to pick!! But I always love going to the beauty department. Always a plus point when there’s a nice cafe there too (; Since there are most brands here in HK, I tend to like to find more European and American/ Canadian brands. Any recommendation? xxx

        • Greek Girl Glasgow

          I really like MAC and Bobbie Brown products for make-up, Clinique also for make-up and face care. Dior for special occasion make-up and Chanel for perfumes. :-) It is so hard nowadays because they all are so good! xx

          • http://stephlui.blogspot.com Stephanie Silv. Lui

            Totally agreeing on that!! There’s always something there for everyone!! I’m loving Nars Smokey Eye Compact at the moment! Add a bit of gold glitter and a dark wine lips, holiday party definitely on the roll!! xxx

            • Greek Girl Glasgow

              Sounds totally gorgeous! You should do a post about it on your blog!

              • http://stephlui.blogspot.com Stephanie Silv. Lui

                Good idea! I’m not too good with taking photos of myself even though I put makeup on other people ahahah!! Will definitely will give it a go!! x