Gifts inspired by Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city of the future, especially when it comes to technology. While we were there, I observed all the gadgets that people used in their everyday life. Some useful, others a bit much and others outrageous or silly still I have been advised that Hong Kong is at least a year ahead of Europe and that these things are waiting to hit the market soon. Some of them could be a gift to yourself or a loved-one depending on your needs:

1. The Telescopic / Extendable Selfie stick

Everyone had this thing in their hands. This is quite extensive and people should watch it when they use it as you can easily cause harm around you…but people in Hong Kong went crazy for them. It seems that taking a proper good selfie takes over any sense of seriousness.

2. Massive mobile phones eg Apple iPhone 6 Plus

These things were as big as an IPad mini. But everyone was engrossed in their screen either playing games or using social networks. It was easy to observe when I was in the busy MTR (the Hong Kong underground).

3. Childrens’ instant cameras e.g. CAIUL Decor Sticker For Fujifilm Instax

These little cuties cost around £5 only and produce a photo sticker with just a click. Children totally adore them. My 3 year old daughter is already pulling my camera from my hands and wants to take more photos herself so it is a perfect and well-priced present event for the super little ones.

4. The nitrate tester tool e.g. Ecotester Soeks by SOEKS

This little but a bit pricy baby can test the amount of nitrates in your food and fresh products (like your fruit) and check that the levels are within healthy limits. It has recently hit the stores in Hong Kong marketed for the health-aware population.

5. Smart Dynamo Activity Band

Last but definitely not least, the band that will make you healthier every step at a time. It measures everything, i.e. calories you spend while you walk, eat, talk, sleep and even the quality of your sleep! At the end of the day connect it to your smartphone or laptop to see it all happening! It is coming in different colours to match your personality too and it is very affordable for what it does. One of my personal choices for gifts this Christmas.

What are your favourite gifts for Christmas?

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  • porlasramasblog

    I like the children’s camera! Nice present!

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      It is such a treat isn’t it? I totally agree too. And also well priced too. X