Brother mode


I am so proud to present a series of portraits that I took of my little (!) brother Andreas on Christmas day around one of my favourite locations, the Milngavie Reservoir just outside the city of Glasgow (previous post also here). He spent 5 days with us only as he had to return back to Athens where he works.

I have recently increased my efforts to improve my photography skills and on that day I tried very hard to focus on the direction, quality and strength of the light. It was a sunny winter day with a few clouds that kept increasing so the photos at the bottom of the lake are more moody than the others. I used my 50mm lens this time. Baby steps but I am quite happy with the results and this has given me focus to keep at it. I would just love to go back to Paris and work with the light, it is such an eye-opener and such an important element to photography. (If you are interested, there are more details about the equipment I used here).

What do you think? When is your favourite time to shoot? Do you have a favourite spot that works well for you?


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  • MissLilly

    really good portraits!

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Thank you very much Miss Lilly :-) xx

  • Makayla

    love this!! they look great :)

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Thank you Makayla!

  • unzippedfashionsource

    Are you very talented – My favourite image is the landscape image third from the top AMAZING. Well done xx

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Thank you Sammy! I came by your blog too :-) I love the clean design and your photos. Are you interested in photography yourself? What is your favourite subject?

      • unzippedfashionsource

        Hi Greek Girl Glasgow, Yes I’m very interested in Photography now I have become a fashion blogger. Always looking to further my knowledge. Im currently studying professional styling once that’s done I will focus on photography. Thank you for stopping by my blog always like to get feedback. xoxoo

  • Sam

    Amazing photos – looks like you had heaps of fun with the shoot!

    I am just getting into photography and loving taking landscape shots. :)

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Hi Sam! So happy for you, photography has always been this place of creativity that I cannot surpass especially the landscapes you mention, as nothing can be more beautiful than nature itself. Let me know how you do, I would love to see some of your photos :-) xx