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Greek Girl Glasgow in Stirling


Hello from Stirling, Scotland! We had the lovely opportunity to visit Stirling last weekend with Colin, his brother Niall and his wife Michelle. We strolled around the traditional roads and had a cup of coffee at a central italian cafe. It was so nice to catch up with everyone as we do not see each other very often. With a pack of newspapers under my arm, I felt armed to face a relaxing day filled with laughter and deep philosophical discussions (as we so often end up doing us McKays). I think that the topic of the day ended up being the illusion of self and other extententialist arms and legs that grew from that. But I will not bore you with philosophy, I promise. Instead, I will let you have a look at our photos below.


Have you been to Stirling before? Is there a favourite place that you would recommend I should visit the next time I am around?



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  • Shekinah

    I’ve never been to Stirling and I also never heard of it before. But since you mentioned it I’ll add it on my wanderlust list. Hoping to visit it someday. :) I like your post. You captured great photos/moments. I look forward to your next post. Have a nice day! <3


    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Thank you very much Shekinah! It is a small but lovely Scottish city. X