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Greek Girl Glasgow in Stirling


Hello from Stirling, Scotland! We had the lovely opportunity to visit Stirling last weekend with Colin, his brother Niall and his wife Michelle. We strolled around the traditional roads and had a cup of coffee at a central italian cafe. It was so nice to catch up with everyone as we do not see each other very often. With a pack of newspapers under my arm, I felt armed to face a relaxing day filled with laughter and deep philosophical discussions (as we so often end up doing us McKays). I think that the topic of the day ended up being the illusion of self and other extententialist arms and legs that grew from that. But I will not bore you with philosophy, I promise. Instead, I will let you have a look at our photos below.


Have you been to Stirling before? Is there a favourite place that you would recommend I should visit the next time I am around?




The last snow











I do hope this was the last snow for this winter. Don’t get me wrong…snow is not something I hate. I love the white little snowflakes coming down the sky and dressing everything in a festive white. I like looking at the snowed garden and I even went down a slope on a home-made sledge (we just used an oven tray!). It was crazy fun, I admit. But I don’t like it when I have to go out and walk in the dirty mashy snow on the pavements that gets as slippery as an ice-ring. And I don’t really like the cold. I am a Mediterranean girl – I just totally love the scorching heat and the summer days (and evenings).

My little Scarlett, on the other hand, loves the whole lot. She doesn’t complain. She just has fun. The first photo is my favourite (it was taken by Colin) and it is while she splashes a snowball at us. Such a great caption I think. The mountain photos are from the way to Aberfoyle on a crispy Sunday afternoon.

Do you enjoy the snow? Or like me you prefer watching the lovely scenery inside in front of a fireplace and with a warm cup of tea at hand?


Brother mode


I am so proud to present a series of portraits that I took of my little (!) brother Andreas on Christmas day around one of my favourite locations, the Milngavie Reservoir just outside the city of Glasgow (previous post also here). He spent 5 days with us only as he had to return back to Athens where he works.

I have recently increased my efforts to improve my photography skills and on that day I tried very hard to focus on the direction, quality and strength of the light. It was a sunny winter day with a few clouds that kept increasing so the photos at the bottom of the lake are more moody than the others. I used my 50mm lens this time. Baby steps but I am quite happy with the results and this has given me focus to keep at it. I would just love to go back to Paris and work with the light, it is such an eye-opener and such an important element to photography. (If you are interested, there are more details about the equipment I used here).

What do you think? When is your favourite time to shoot? Do you have a favourite spot that works well for you?



5 photos that make me smile!

Hello and goodmorning! So I have been nominated by Lesley on Facebook to choose and show you 5 photos that make me smile! What a brilliant idea!

It is actually quite early when I decided to write this post. Colin is on call all week, which means early starts and late bedtimes, and although it is one of the things that I struggle with because I miss him very much when he is not around, it does give me the chance to spend more time on the computer ;-)

 I needed to go back to my files to do this and it has been such an adventurous experience, going through all these memories and bring it all back to light. So here they are, the 5 photos that make me smile:




"A balcony in Venice"


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Spring holidays


A few weeks ago we went to Centre Parcs in Cumbria. It was unexpectedly nice, and I say that because I am more of a city girl. The nice thing about this holiday was that it combined lots of family orientated activities, like cycling, swimming, and amazing water-slides with adult luxuries such as a beautiful spa center and decent restaurants like Cafe Rouge, which we visited twice. Lyn and I went for a dual facial and body massage and we had a girl bonding chat looking at the fern garden afterwards. Chris and Colin arranged to play badminton the next day and we had a bowling game all together but I do have to admit that sports it is not my area of fabulousness. Far from that, people are always amazing but the level of incompetence I can reach…I am telling you it is surreal!

Cycling to dinner in style!


Max Mara coat, H&M dress, Zara low boots…I hope you approve ;-)


 Scarlett in her bike car.


Lyn advertises our restaurant perfectly.










Fun at the swimming pool.


The ducks in the centre’s lake were friendly and welcoming, especially if you had a piece of bread in your hands.


Have you been to centre parcs? We plan to go again next year and maybe the year after we can do Disneyland, which is one of my childhood dreams :-)

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Gargunnock house weekend

 I am so looking forward to spring. The weather nowadays is cold, rainy and brutal with small reminders of sunshine to get us all lust for warmer days. We got to spend a nice weekend though at the Gargunnock house you can see in the photos. Every year Colin’s family rents out this place and we all get together and have a good time. It was also a good opportunity for some photos.

We all gather around the fire and Niall plays his chill out guitar tunes.

While Matthew discovers his talent in piano.

Downstairs, Rachael and Alex are competing in table tennis.

Outside one can admire the countryside in all its glory!

When I saw this tree I imagined a black and white photo…

Beautiful Braegha picking up snowdrops.

Scarlett wearing my Accesorize hat and a Joules dress.

Not bad for a Tesco ponjo (£9 only) eh?

-Is it breakfast time mummy?


Or British?

Silly mummy! You know that all I want is my chocolate bixie (aka Coco Pops crocodile)!

-Mummy, who is this man in the picture, mummy?

-This is not a man, it is a woman (!), Scarlett.

-Mummy, who is this girl in the picture, mummy?

– This is not a girl, it is a boy (!), Scarlett.

So can we come back mummy?

We are coming back next year sweetheart!