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Spring holidays


A few weeks ago we went to Centre Parcs in Cumbria. It was unexpectedly nice, and I say that because I am more of a city girl. The nice thing about this holiday was that it combined lots of family orientated activities, like cycling, swimming, and amazing water-slides with adult luxuries such as a beautiful spa center and decent restaurants like Cafe Rouge, which we visited twice. Lyn and I went for a dual facial and body massage and we had a girl bonding chat looking at the fern garden afterwards. Chris and Colin arranged to play badminton the next day and we had a bowling game all together but I do have to admit that sports it is not my area of fabulousness. Far from that, people are always amazing but the level of incompetence I can reach…I am telling you it is surreal!

Cycling to dinner in style!


Max Mara coat, H&M dress, Zara low boots…I hope you approve ;-)


 Scarlett in her bike car.


Lyn advertises our restaurant perfectly.










Fun at the swimming pool.


The ducks in the centre’s lake were friendly and welcoming, especially if you had a piece of bread in your hands.


Have you been to centre parcs? We plan to go again next year and maybe the year after we can do Disneyland, which is one of my childhood dreams :-)


Malmaison night out!

I had missed so much going out with the girls. Colin stayed in to babysit and I went out with Lyn first for dinner at Malmaison Glasgow and then we head to the Griffin bar where the Pancreatic Society had a charity night. My friends Euan (the drummer) and his girl Sarah (the singer) and their band (which are called Motherfunk ;-) ) were playing funk party music. We had such a great time!

This is my friend Lady Stephanie Quinn. She is a proper Lady by title (!) but I call her Reese Witherspoon.

The awesome band below…

LJ and Lyn…

Random shoe…

Michelle whispered in Louise’s ear that the shoe belonged to LJ. I still wonder what she was wearing instead – feeling confused.

Mean faces with happy Mark…

Posing for Lyn at Malmaison… (PINKO dress, you like?)

And while posing we discovered this secret room at the back. I wouldn’t mind a private girly night in there!

My friend Lyn, looking stunning in red…

We started with Prosecco…

Lyn had the sea bass…

I went for the fish cake…

And I could not resist a crème brûleé…

It was such a great night and I am so looking forward to the next :-)




Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow baby!

Yes it is finally here! Hard Rock Cafe has arrived in Glasgow and yesterday it hosted Clyde1 radio and the fabulous KT Tunstall! So excited to have visited this legendary place and do not get me wrong…I will be back again and again. The staff been absolutely lovely, attentive and outgoing and the food was totally superb! Yum yum! I had visited many many years ago the one in Lisbon and I loved it too. I still have a t-shirt to remind me that visit. We also used to have one in Corfu but it unfortunately closed many years ago.

Even the ceiling is impressive…

So straight to the bar for electric blue cocktails…

(Can you remember this look?)

Was also happy I could match my pretty africa-style Swarovski bracelet.

Time to order then…The menu is so fabulous that I had a real trouble to choose. I wanted it all!

While waiting for the order I let my eyes wonder round the interesting memoralia.

The food came and check out these beauties!

Any of these (or even all of them) will do, thank you!

When are you going to the legendary HRC in Glasgow?


Boudoir cocktails

Exciting nights have passed and I am looking forward to the new posts about them. This one will show you what we were up to on Friday night. We went at a cocktail/wine bar but not just a bar. This place has style, plays great music and it can actually offer you fantastic cocktails! I have been to so many places that they cannot make a decent cocktail and it is always such a disappointment…especially for a cocktails’ girl like myself.

Our friends Lyn and Chris were with us too and as you will see from the photos we had a great time. I am looking forward to the next time we go out :-)

Lyn had a French martini to start with…

Then we followed with Violet Butterflies (secret recipe and totally amazing!)

The bar also has nights with live music but it is a lovely place to meet friends or if you are going romantic you should book one of the lovely booths.

I was so happy wearing my Vivienne Westwood dress and my new necklace!

Darren, the owner, could not resist a photo with the team!

And then it was time to go.

Which is your favourite cocktail bar in Glasgow?

Mirror, Out

And you’re going to hear me “Roaaar”!

We are trying to calm down from the frenzy of the Christmas holidays and there is no better day to do this than spend some relaxing time with your family. Now when I say relaxing…it may not be exactly as relaxing as you may think. Having an almost 3-year-old does compromise the ability to do this. It is lovely though being out and about and take in the lovely surroundings of Glasgow’s West End.

So I got dressed, put my make-up on and felt again I could walk with confidence. The skirt you see in these photos only cost £7. So proud of this buy (you can find it here). Hence the title of this post (I find this Katy Perry song so catchy ;-) ).

My sweet darling loves her scooter these days.

 Do you like my gifts for Christmas? My lovely hubby got it for me from Nancy Smillie shop and it is a Brave Designs liquid silver necklace. Isn’t something? I truly love it…and him too ;-)

I also got these little beauties for Christmas too. A butterfly scarf from Fat Face  and a leather bow bracelet from a lovely new shop on Byres Road called Oliver Bonas. I think they match my leopard skirt to a T :-)

 I have been thinking about lots of things that I would like this new year to bring and I guess now it is time to act on it. Getting back to yoga and feeling healthy and fit is one of them.

What are your new year resolutions?


Sunday brunch at Nick’s…


It was Sunday. Not just any Sunday though…before that it was Saturday and before that it was Friday. I know you know this. What you do not know is that on Friday night we went out partying! Until 5pm…after a long, long, long time! And then it was Saturday and we went to a dinner party. We had a fantastic time and left early…well compared to the previous night I mean…it was only 2 am.

We woke up on Sunday morning, and I felt so hungry…mmmmmm! I wanted some poached eggs…with mushrooms, toast and maybe bacon. Some tomatoes would not be declined either! And my mum, who is visiting for a few days, wanted a lovely hot mocha and cake. My lovely man proposed a place I had not been at before…Nick’s on Hyndland road. I said “Are you sure? This is an Italian restaurant darling!” “Just trust me”, he said. “It is a very nice place and they will have lots of things that you will like”. Mmmmm…my stomach could not resist the temptation. So we went in…We all loved the atmosphere, the staff was very friendly and attentive but the food,coffee and dessert were what I enjoyed so much!

Mum was amazed (which is quite rare as she is a difficult person to please!).


She loved her coffee mocha!

And I loved my poached eggs….hmmmm….yum yum!_MG_0091

The Christmas decorations were on…_MG_0086

And the place looks very very good, I must admit!_MG_0085




We could not go anywhere without Thomas and his friends…_MG_0060


Scarlett loved her chicken lollipops (and the chips)!_MG_0077


And Lesley and Fiona had yummy burgers…_MG_0074

Look what I have got! (Chocolate brownie <3)_MG_0068



So how do you spend hangover Sundays?