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Autumn leaves in Glasgow


It is this time of the year that the trees dress up in their autumn leaves, showing of colours of unique palettes and beauty. Autumn colours are my favourite as they complement my dark mediterranean complexion. In Glasgow specifically, the abundance of green and parks ensures a fantastic experience of colour, light and the sounds of dry leaves cracking under your boots.

I took my daddy to the Kelvingrove Park one sunny day and took some photos of the early autumn fashion show.





Where do you go to experience autumn glory in your city? I would love to come and visit it ;-)


Charity dinner at the Hampden Park for Alzheimer Scotland


Colin and I were invited to the charity dinner of Alzheimer Scotland at the Hampden Park Stadium in Glasgow. It was so exciting to be part of this since working all these years with patients I understand how much research and support contributes to improve quality of life and what a difference that makes to them. On arrival to the stadium, we were welcomed with a bubbly drink and were shown to our table, where a bag full of goodies was waiting for us. It contained a 1/2 hour spa treatment (you know I love these!), some eye make-up, a bottle of beer (I would prefer some pink champagne), and other little treats.

Paul Cooney opened the speeches and we were shown how patients with Alzheimer’s disease have been supported in groups that involve football games. It was so lovely to see patients to light up and get involved in interactions that their families did not think that they could still participate in.

Mr Craig Brown, CBE and famous manager of Scotland’s football team, he is actually the second most successful manager of all time, gave a very funny speech however he made the mistake to mention Greece which meant that he gave me the opportunity to meet him. He was very nice to me :-) When I went over to say hello, he was talking to Mr Bill Martin, this wonderful Scottish songwriter and music publisher. I was so thrilled to have my photo taken with them.










Charity142With Mr Craig Brown, CBE and second most successful manager of all time, and Mr Bill Martin, songwriter and music publisher (what an honour!).

Are there any charities that you support?



New season new hair


I have finally done it! I thought the ombre hair is starting to become old-fashioned plus everybody now wears it so it was time for a change. This is a new season…I have come back from a summer full of friends, family, sunny sandy times near turquoise waters and sun glowing skin to starting my French classes again (I have been learning french for 3 years now!), taking ballet classes with pink pointe shoes and thinking of starting my piano lessons after 15 years of finger idleness. So many things to look forward too and I needed a new look to brave it all. I have never had my hair so short before. It was lovingly done by my fabulous hairdresser Courtney from the Twisted Sister hair salon in Glasgow Merchant City, previously featured in this well-read post of mine.



What is the wildest thing you have done with your look?

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The only place of calm in Glasgow!


I was thinking the other day that our lives are full of stress. We stress about things little or big, work or family, friends or foes. We stress because we are afraid. We are afraid of a future that may never come to us, we do tend to think that the worst is going to happen when times are not easy. This of course is a plain misunderstanding. Things will not necessarily get worse just because something negative has happened nor will the world stop going round because of our problems. We tend to blow up problems in our head like balloons and most of the time the size of these are nothing but air! When we pause a little we can see that around us there is nothing but calm and we can easily find this calm in nature around us. I have struggled with stress many times in the past and I am sure there will be sometimes in the future. But I have learned that, like all things, it goes away and what is left is a big relief that there are still things around me beautiful and calm that overpower any misery under the sun.

The photos were taken by myself at the Reservoir in Milngavie and I cannot recommend it enough for long walks when the sun appears. I am lucky to live right next to it so I take the opportunity to visit as often as the weather permits.


What is your favourite way to relax?


The only summer tart recipe you will want to try!

Imagine yourself in a warm summer evening. You have had a lovely evening meal and you are relaxing to some jazz with a glass of sweet wine. If only you could enjoy a dessert made especially for the occasion…a cool summer peach and rasberry creamy tart you my domestic goddess have freshly made this morning. Ahhh life cannot get much better than the satisfaction the little things bring!

So this is one of my favourite summer tart recipes. It is from one of the cookbooks that should not be missing from any decent kitchen. It is called Cake Days by the inspiring Hummingbird Bakery.

This is a truly delightful recipe, as the rest of the recipes in this book, and therefore you should without any hesitation buy the book if you want to make it yourself as I will not list the amount of ingredients here. So please do not get disappointed, we are all looking after people who have worked hard things that the rest of us can then enjoy, things that can make life an inchy pinchy special :-)


Make the lovely pastry for the base by mixing your butter, flour, sugar and egg.


You should end up with something as lovely and cuddly as this that you then put in the fridge for a wee rest.


Then you roll it all out, prick it with a fork and blind bake it in the oven until nice and golden.


Then you make the delicious custard cream. You boil the milk with vanilla essence.


In the mixer you beat some eggs with flour, cornflour and sugar.


Combine together and you get your lovely custard cream. Yes you can lick the bowl once you pour it in your tart base. But first it needs to cool down and put some cling film on top of it so it does not create a crust.



Then you whip the double cream and fold it in your cooled custard.


Enjoy in a summer day with fresh peaches, rasberries and leaves of mint. Do not forget to invite your friends to show what a domestic goddess you are!

Which is your favourite summer dessert? Are you a fruit or chocolate dessert type of person?


Do you want to go to a ball?

The last time I went to a ball was in 2009 for a Burns’ night dinner. So you can imagine my excitement when I was able to attend the hospital’s May ball this year. It was another opportunity to glam up, put on my Roberto Cavalli silk black gown and walk in my golden high heels. I was also wearing Betty eyelashes from the Vintage Cosmetic Company which made my eyes look like butterfly wings.

I had envisaged this night to be like a Great Gatsby party…surrounded by our best friends, diving into glamour, cocktails and dance. It was not far from it and I cannot wait for my next opportunity to sparkle!



It was certainly one of the most mesmerising venues I have been to…the top floor of Oran Mor in Glasgow West End.



And so the posing begins…





My dashing man in his Armani cocktail suit…



What a lovely wee treat we got on our table!



This is a photo of the starters. After which I ate everything without even registering I had to take a photo first :-P (silly me!)



Everyone was chating away looking so fabulous all the time.




I love this photo of Sarah…Isn’t she gorgeous in her pink dress?



Hi sweetie!



One of the lovely couples of our table, Adrian and Una!



Now things start getting blurry after this. I do apologise but the photos represent the way I remember things too!






So when was the last time you went to a ball?