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Garden dress


I am so delighted that spring is finally here. The temperature is warm, the sun is out more, the evenings are long and bright, the sky is blue and not grey any more. In this post, I celebrate our new beautiful garden. Enjoy the photos of the flowers, imagine the scents, feel the breeze through the petals. And as the garden wore its best dress, I decided that I had to wear a garden dress too. By the way, if I did not wear high heels, I would be tempted to climb some trees ;-)








My little sweetheart is always keen to come out with mummy and join in the fun. Here she explains to me the rules of croquet.













We decided to make a peanut bird wreath. The idea is from the book “Celebrate” by P. Middleton and despite what you think, it is a totally great book to have and I highly recommend it. Tip: Read the introduction and you will know what I mean :-)

You will need: A bag of peanuts, some raffia, heavy duty wire, wire cutter, scissors and some rope.


A little helper is always welcome too.



Make two opposing holes in each side of your peanut and pass the wire through.


Once ready, hang it outside from the branch of a tree. The birds will love it <3


What does your garden look like? Or if you don’t have a garden, where is your favourite park or botanic gardens?

For those who care, I was wearing: Zara summer dress and Guess high heel sandals

Book: “Celebrate” by Pippa Middleton
I Glasgow...

Happy 34th birthday!


No I do not hide my age. I have been so lucky to have so many people around me full of love and wits. They enrich my life in so many different ways and I cannot wait for another day to rise, excited like a kid waiting to open surprise gifts. Family and friends, thank you so much!

Moment of truth!




Cutting and serving.



Yes I did make it myself and it was a yummy black forrest gateau (recipe from here).



Colin made my favourite dinner, duck breasts with cherries in port sauce and pak choi (recipe here).



The following may seem like a random photo. However, it is not as this is part of my birthday gift from my lovely husband. A new symetrical victorian house with a grand jardin. We moved in 3 weeks ago and I have been decorating since. My second gift has been one of these babies which I cannot wait to learn how to use properly.



Any ideas about garden design?

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Colin’s 50th birthday party!


My sweetie had his 50th birthday a few days ago. He did not want to celebrate for months. He did not want anyone. He did not want anything. 3 weeks prior to the big day he asked me if he should do something. So I gave him the idea: “We have this new house we bought, it will be empty of furniture, we are going to change the carpets anyway, why don’t we have a big “student style” party with lights, music, a live band, and all of your friends in there?” So after 5 seconds of thinking he agreed. Then the planning started…We got catering from Kember & Jones (it was excellent!), we got a karaoke system and disco lights from RS100 off Byres Road, Euan and Sarah (from this band here) came with all their equipment and liaised with Niall, Colin, Adrian and Fraser (I also did some backing vocals!) to form one of the most amazing bands the medical world has ever formed!

Please excuse the quality of the photos…there were margaritas, French martinis, Vodka martinis and Prosecco wine…there were around 30 guests…there were lights…there was music!







I Glasgow...


Xmas shots
Bar Soba

Sunday sunny day in Glasgow and once again I found myself and my friends in the shops of Buchanan Street looking around for inspirations. Above a photo of the Xmas decoration of the House of Fraser and the funky lights of Bar Soba where I love having lunch. Their Pad Thai is unreal. Isn’t it all “extraordinary” (post about word to follow)? I was happy to visit again, what else, the Chanel stall and researching for the ONE (remember from the previous post here?) Guess what I bought!!!

The answer in the photos following:

Red stuff
At Chanel
Smell me again
It is the ONE…(at least for this year…) :-)

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How “smart” are you?

Today I had to say goodbye to something that gave me my freedom in Glasgow the last 3 years. I was never a keen driver and coming to Scotland the idea of driving really challenged me. I suddenly moved out of the city and had to buy a car or wait for the bus that was never coming on time and that was every hour of the day. When I missed it I had to wait for one hour for the next one. So I had to buy a car but I was really scared as I had to learn to drive on the left side of the road (in Greece we drive on the right) and maybe change gears with my left hand (mission impossible! My left hand is only used for supporting purposes and typing, and is usually inactive most of the day).

I bought my beautiful Smart car which was automatic and easy to drive and really freed me. I would recommend it to anyone that feels a bit like me when it comes to driving especially in another country. Today I had to let it go as I have bought a new car (I will post some photos of this in the days to come), so this is a big Goodbye to my beautiful Smart. I wish I could keep it too…but I cannot.

I am a “Smart” person. How about you?

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This gets my energy going…

Hi there! I saw this video, posted by Ionian Act the other day, and triggered all my feelings of excitement about movements that can really get you going! Check it out, if you love dancing you are going to love this one…It is filmed in Corfu island, Greece at the area of Liston in Corfu Town.