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Garden dress


I am so delighted that spring is finally here. The temperature is warm, the sun is out more, the evenings are long and bright, the sky is blue and not grey any more. In this post, I celebrate our new beautiful garden. Enjoy the photos of the flowers, imagine the scents, feel the breeze through the petals. And as the garden wore its best dress, I decided that I had to wear a garden dress too. By the way, if I did not wear high heels, I would be tempted to climb some trees ;-)








My little sweetheart is always keen to come out with mummy and join in the fun. Here she explains to me the rules of croquet.













We decided to make a peanut bird wreath. The idea is from the book “Celebrate” by P. Middleton and despite what you think, it is a totally great book to have and I highly recommend it. Tip: Read the introduction and you will know what I mean :-)

You will need: A bag of peanuts, some raffia, heavy duty wire, wire cutter, scissors and some rope.


A little helper is always welcome too.



Make two opposing holes in each side of your peanut and pass the wire through.


Once ready, hang it outside from the branch of a tree. The birds will love it <3


What does your garden look like? Or if you don’t have a garden, where is your favourite park or botanic gardens?

For those who care, I was wearing: Zara summer dress and Guess high heel sandals

Book: “Celebrate” by Pippa Middleton
In, Mirror

Cold winter nights

It has been so cold and wet the last few days that going out did not appeal to me as much as usual. Colin cooked some nice meals in the house (check out the photos below for Burns night dinner) and we took the opportunity to show Scarlett more than the regular attention.

I am not a vegetarian (a Greek rarely is ;-) ) however I can only eat the vegetarian haggis. The proper own is too strong for me. We had it with one of my favourite red wines, Amarone (j’adore!).

Of course Scarlett had to have her chance on the wall of fame.

Time to go but I will be back soon, I promise :-)

P.S. Does anybody care what I was wearing?

Top from FatFace
Bracelet from Oliver Bonas
Leggings from Model’s closet
Boots from Pied a Terre
Mirror, Out

And you’re going to hear me “Roaaar”!

We are trying to calm down from the frenzy of the Christmas holidays and there is no better day to do this than spend some relaxing time with your family. Now when I say relaxing…it may not be exactly as relaxing as you may think. Having an almost 3-year-old does compromise the ability to do this. It is lovely though being out and about and take in the lovely surroundings of Glasgow’s West End.

So I got dressed, put my make-up on and felt again I could walk with confidence. The skirt you see in these photos only cost £7. So proud of this buy (you can find it here). Hence the title of this post (I find this Katy Perry song so catchy ;-) ).

My sweet darling loves her scooter these days.

 Do you like my gifts for Christmas? My lovely hubby got it for me from Nancy Smillie shop and it is a Brave Designs liquid silver necklace. Isn’t something? I truly love it…and him too ;-)

I also got these little beauties for Christmas too. A butterfly scarf from Fat Face  and a leather bow bracelet from a lovely new shop on Byres Road called Oliver Bonas. I think they match my leopard skirt to a T :-)

 I have been thinking about lots of things that I would like this new year to bring and I guess now it is time to act on it. Getting back to yoga and feeling healthy and fit is one of them.

What are your new year resolutions?


Stories from Zygos 1


My father, Theofilos, was born in a tiny village of Corfu called Zygos (in English is the same as Libra). A very poor village full of traditional and nevertheless conservative habitants, my father was born to this lucky family where they could enjoy eating meat once a week (while others could never afford eat meat). A very good student and an athlete, he was sent at the age of 14 years to live in Corfu town alone and after a couple of years in Athens, so he could go to high school. At the same time he used to train to become a professional footballer. My grandparents were so poor that when my father went to Athens he had to work in the mornings at a patisserie and bakery and go to evening school after work. Despite that, he still managed to be one of the best students of his school and be accepted to University of Athens to study Philosophy and Archeology. He was inspired by his landowner’s daughter who managed to persuade him to give up sports for the shake of education! She was the first student to get into law studies in the whole of Greece, what an achievement!

When he got his first job, he was landed on the island of Paxos, a very small but beautiful island south of Corfu island. He absolutely HATED every minute of it! He felt isolated and lonely and could not wait to return to Corfu. One of his colleagues, working in Corfu town at the time, was dating a very smart and beautiful young doctor who had just been employed at Paxos. They decided to mutually ask for job exchange so my father could return to Corfu and his colleague to spend a romantic year or two with his love at Paxos island. When the application was accepted my father was so happy that he decided to send his colleague a box containing 500 packets of condoms as a thank you!


Not done with the past…



This a new category I have decided to do for this post. My (very optimistic!) plan is to update it every Monday. It will include stories from my life and my family’s life as I was growing up. This is a way for me to keep these alive somewhere so they are not lost together with memory and life events. I want to share this with my family now, my friends, my readers and to summarize with you, you and you. I hope you enjoy it!

Love and bubbles,

Katerina xxx


Happy New 2013…


My dearest friends…the time has come! We are officially in 2013! Woohoo! I feel so excited and I am not really sure why. I just feel so positive about the days coming ahead, I am full of excitement and I am dancing along to the songs on the radio. It is so great feeling content and grateful with everything you have, everything that life has offered you until now and also the relief that comes with the realisation that your choices brought you to the path you were dreaming of.

During the new year, I will be starting in a new job, enjoying a happy family, spending fun time with lots of dear friends and continue learning French with passion. I also want to start dancing more, take piano lessons and do some amateur drama. And I certainly do not have the time to do them. But life is about dreaming and having pure excitement about things like that. And I refuse to give up dreaming…as there is always time to do that! :-)

So Happy New Year everybody out there and remember to be true to yourselves!