Santa is coming to…Glasgow!

The Christmas tree is up and Scarlett has given her Christmas signing concert…ooops I meant show…at the nursery dressed as a snowfairy (how cute was that)! She also got her first gift from her greek gran or Yaya as we call her…a fish tank with a couple of fish in it. They are behaving very well surprisingly ;-). Party invitations are also lining up, fireplaces are lit and warm hearty smells are coming from the kitchen. I have updated my Christmas song list (by the way if you like listening to different compilations, this site is aaaamaaaazing). In terms of Christmas gifts, I got a nice new Victorian style house but being a bit cheeky, I would still like this for my garden ;-)

  Let Christmas begin!



_MG_0028What are your plans for Christmas?


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  • Iridaki Iris

    Geia sou manoula! Ti yperoxo dentro! H koroula sou me tis wraies mpoukles einai gluka! Merry Xmas and keep writing!

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Iridaki se euxaristo poli poli! Happy new year and wish all your dreams come true :-) Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it xxx