The only way to eternity is true love

The soft morning light comes through the window and on the flowery bedsheets. It smells of summer breeze and the day starts with the freshness of strawberries arranged elegantly in a porcelain vintage bowl. Goodmorning life!

By Greek Girl Glasgow

The only summer tart recipe you will want to try!

Imagine yourself in a warm summer evening. You have had a lovely evening meal and you are relaxing to some jazz with a glass of sweet wine. If only you could enjoy a dessert made especially for the occasion…a cool summer peach and rasberry creamy tart you my domestic goddess have freshly made this morning. Ahhh life cannot get much… Read more →

Greek Girl Glasgow in Corfu

When in Corfu…

Many of you ask me what to do, where to go when you visit Corfu. Corfu for me is not just my hometown. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. And it would be even better if the locals were a bit more sensitive towards it, if it took care of it more and respected the… Read more →

Greek Girl Glasgow at the Ball

Do you want to go to a ball?

The last time I went to a ball was in 2009 for a Burns’ night dinner. So you can imagine my excitement when I was able to attend the hospital’s May ball this year. It was another opportunity to glam up, put on my Roberto Cavalli silk black gown and walk in my golden high heels. I was also wearing… Read more →


Garden dress

I am so delighted that spring is finally here. The temperature is warm, the sun is out more, the evenings are long and bright, the sky is blue and not grey any more. In this post, I celebrate our new beautiful garden. Enjoy the photos of the flowers, imagine the scents, feel the breeze through the petals. And as the… Read more →

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