My sort of a Guy!

Do you remember my Boudoir cocktails last week? Well before that, the whole entourage went for dinner to a place I had not been before (how surprising for me!)…Guy’s restaurant in Merchant City.

I was very impressed from the minute I walked in. The first thing that you notice is the warm environment and then allowing your eyes to wonder you see something unusual for a restaurant. A whole gallery of beautiful paintings, which yes you can buy if you wish, it takes place within it. Colourful, well-thought paintings hang on the walls, above your table, the next table and the tables across the room too. I really love and appreciate art therefore the whole concept made me warm to the place right away.

Can I please have this one?

This restaurant’s good impressions did not stop there. The staff is trained to perfection, and I mean to PERFECTION! Professional, polite and pleasant to a level I have never seen anywhere else I have been. And what can I say about the food…you need to taste for yourselves however I would go there again and again and again no second thoughts. All this was coupled with live jazz music which made an appropriate background to the interiors and cuisine.

Chris got the Haggis for starter and the venison on puy lentils for his main. He said they were really good.

I got the ravioli in lobster sauce for starter and the fillet steak for a main…yum yum!

Lyn decided on the duck breast for starter and the chilli chicken risotto for her main. She liked it very much too! This girl really enjoys her spicy food ;-)

But then Colin decided to be brave and he went for the raw scallops for starter and steak tartare for his main…he did not enjoy it very much but then he did not expect to either. He decided that raw food tastes of nothing. I doubt that the restaurant bears any responsibility about this. It is rather Colin’s adventurous nature that may need reassessment :-P

And now you are going to tell me “Ok darling…show us what you had for dessert”. We decided to go for cocktails and skip dessert (unfortunately that is, because I would love to try their desserts).

Needless though, I definitely and blindfolded I would go back to Guy’s and I recommended it for a special night out. When it comes to restaurants, that Guy is my sort of a guy!

Which is your favourite restaurant?


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  • Andrea

    This place look so posh, and you guys look like you were enjoying yourselves! Not to mention the logo for the restaurant looks so funny!!

    Andrea Fer, Not Quite Grown Up Guide

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Hi Andrea, thank you for your nice comments, it is a really good place to go :-)

  • Amicia Rai

    *drool* Everything looks so delicious! :D
    I like to experiment with Indian restaurants at the moment, but I haven’t found my favourite one yet. ^_^

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Hi Amicia. If you are in Glasgow I recommend Mother India and Dhabba. They are my favourite indian restaurants :-)

  • ayesha ahmad

    Wow! Nice! This place looks nice!

    Defining Me

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Hi Ayesha! Thank you, it is truly a very nice place, hope you get the chance to try it yourself :-)

  • Jonathan

    Wonderful, wonderful photos. Love the shot of the two of you together.

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Thank you Jonathan, so glad you have enjoyed the post!

  • Nicole Marie Story

    I’m with Colin’s dish!!!… although I’ve really been into our local thai restaurant as of recent!

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Hi Nicole. Colin is so happy that someone has supported his choices :-) Where is your thai restaurant? Green thai curry is one of my favourite dishes yum yum :-)

  • facile decor

    Everything sounds good in this place!! Eat, decor… I love this kind of places, where you feel so comfortable there you want to stay longer…
    I have some favorites in Barcelona that I have talk in my blog, and another ones I still didn’t.

    • Greek Girl Glasgow

      Thank you so much! I love Barcelona very much and your posts are so lovely too! I hope when I go back I will get the chance to follow your recommendations.

  • Lex

    Everything looks so good! That ravioli looks way more delicious than the one I made last week :-(

  • Hannah Cox

    How could you skip desert??? :-o shocking!!! The food looks delicious. What a beautiful place.

    Hannah xx | lovelettersandsnippets