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Colin’s 50th birthday party!


My sweetie had his 50th birthday a few days ago. He did not want to celebrate for months. He did not want anyone. He did not want anything. 3 weeks prior to the big day he asked me if he should do something. So I gave him the idea: “We have this new house we bought, it will be empty of furniture, we are going to change the carpets anyway, why don’t we have a big “student style” party with lights, music, a live band, and all of your friends in there?” So after 5 seconds of thinking he agreed. Then the planning started…We got catering from Kember & Jones (it was excellent!), we got a karaoke system and disco lights from RS100 off Byres Road, Euan and Sarah (from this band here) came with all their equipment and liaised with Niall, Colin, Adrian and Fraser (I also did some backing vocals!) to form one of the most amazing bands the medical world has ever formed!

Please excuse the quality of the photos…there were margaritas, French martinis, Vodka martinis and Prosecco wine…there were around 30 guests…there were lights…there was music!







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