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Uninspired…(or Where is my mojo?)

When I was young, my grandfather used to tell me stories of the most beautiful creations he would build one day. He once told me he had started building this flying machine which had a basket for two and that he would take me up to see the world. You cannot imagine the excitement of a 5 year old child hearing that she would be able to fly. A flying dream come true! Later, I was able to feel similar excitement from people that dedicated their lives to environmental activism. And following this, there were the artists…the photographers, the musicians, the painters, the actors, the writers and the poets. A significant amount of my free time was spent in studying them, trying to deeply understand the elements of their work and allow myself to grow through this process. At some point I was writing myself more consciously and shared my texts with people that were inspired in their turn by them.

Coming to Glasgow, I left this part of myself behind. Possibly because I focused in the more logical, rationale, scientific part of myself and spent my free time educating in this. This however never fulfilled me as much as being creative. I miss being creative…but although I realise that this is the case I do not know now where to start. I do not know if I should sing, write, take photos, start a business website, etc. I am confused and unispired…(poor me!). And what I think I lack most of all is the network of people that used to support my creativity in the past. I do not feel like doing all this without having a supportive group to grow with and work with. Is this vanity or mere lack of talent?

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