Which perfume is your favourite?

A great book about perfumes is “The perfume” by Patrick Süskind which is also a famous film (2001). Apparently although the novel was very popular and was considered for a movie for years, it was too difficult to film the descriptions of the smells described in the book. In my opinion, a book is always better than its movie as the human brain has unsurcumpable abilities of imagination that could not easily be captured in a film. This is the film trailer.

Which perfume?

I have been having some time in the shops this week here in Glasgow trying out perfumes in the search of my new favourite for the new year coming. I have never been able to stop buying different perfumes rather than stick to one signature perfume for myself. And this is I think because I love perfumes so much. The one perfume I used to think completely as the ONE was called HER by Roberto Cavalli but for some unknown reason to myself the company decided to discontinue it, leaving me perfume-less again. So ever since I have been trying different perfumes in the search of the next ONE.

These are three of my most favourite perfumes to date Lovely, Flower by Kenzo and Un Jardin Après La Mousson by Hermès. I also like Un Jardin sur Le Nil and Un Jardin sur le Toit by Hermès, Her by Narciso Rodriguez, and very recently I am keen to own Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum.

I think it is the new ONE!!!

Check out the new advert…

So what do you think? Which one is your favourite perfume?

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