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The only place of calm in Glasgow!


I was thinking the other day that our lives are full of stress. We stress about things little or big, work or family, friends or foes. We stress because we are afraid. We are afraid of a future that may never come to us, we do tend to think that the worst is going to happen when times are not easy. This of course is a plain misunderstanding. Things will not necessarily get worse just because something negative has happened nor will the world stop going round because of our problems. We tend to blow up problems in our head like balloons and most of the time the size of these are nothing but air! When we pause a little we can see that around us there is nothing but calm and we can easily find this calm in nature around us. I have struggled with stress many times in the past and I am sure there will be sometimes in the future. But I have learned that, like all things, it goes away and what is left is a big relief that there are still things around me beautiful and calm that overpower any misery under the sun.

The photos were taken by myself at the Reservoir in Milngavie and I cannot recommend it enough for long walks when the sun appears. I am lucky to live right next to it so I take the opportunity to visit as often as the weather permits.


What is your favourite way to relax?

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Gargunnock house weekend

 I am so looking forward to spring. The weather nowadays is cold, rainy and brutal with small reminders of sunshine to get us all lust for warmer days. We got to spend a nice weekend though at the Gargunnock house you can see in the photos. Every year Colin’s family rents out this place and we all get together and have a good time. It was also a good opportunity for some photos.

We all gather around the fire and Niall plays his chill out guitar tunes.

While Matthew discovers his talent in piano.

Downstairs, Rachael and Alex are competing in table tennis.

Outside one can admire the countryside in all its glory!

When I saw this tree I imagined a black and white photo…

Beautiful Braegha picking up snowdrops.

Scarlett wearing my Accesorize hat and a Joules dress.

Not bad for a Tesco ponjo (£9 only) eh?

-Is it breakfast time mummy?


Or British?

Silly mummy! You know that all I want is my chocolate bixie (aka Coco Pops crocodile)!

-Mummy, who is this man in the picture, mummy?

-This is not a man, it is a woman (!), Scarlett.

-Mummy, who is this girl in the picture, mummy?

– This is not a girl, it is a boy (!), Scarlett.

So can we come back mummy?

We are coming back next year sweetheart!





Malmaison night out!

I had missed so much going out with the girls. Colin stayed in to babysit and I went out with Lyn first for dinner at Malmaison Glasgow and then we head to the Griffin bar where the Pancreatic Society had a charity night. My friends Euan (the drummer) and his girl Sarah (the singer) and their band (which are called Motherfunk ;-) ) were playing funk party music. We had such a great time!

This is my friend Lady Stephanie Quinn. She is a proper Lady by title (!) but I call her Reese Witherspoon.

The awesome band below…

LJ and Lyn…

Random shoe…

Michelle whispered in Louise’s ear that the shoe belonged to LJ. I still wonder what she was wearing instead – feeling confused.

Mean faces with happy Mark…

Posing for Lyn at Malmaison… (PINKO dress, you like?)

And while posing we discovered this secret room at the back. I wouldn’t mind a private girly night in there!

My friend Lyn, looking stunning in red…

We started with Prosecco…

Lyn had the sea bass…

I went for the fish cake…

And I could not resist a crème brûleé…

It was such a great night and I am so looking forward to the next :-)




Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow baby!

Yes it is finally here! Hard Rock Cafe has arrived in Glasgow and yesterday it hosted Clyde1 radio and the fabulous KT Tunstall! So excited to have visited this legendary place and do not get me wrong…I will be back again and again. The staff been absolutely lovely, attentive and outgoing and the food was totally superb! Yum yum! I had visited many many years ago the one in Lisbon and I loved it too. I still have a t-shirt to remind me that visit. We also used to have one in Corfu but it unfortunately closed many years ago.

Even the ceiling is impressive…

So straight to the bar for electric blue cocktails…

(Can you remember this look?)

Was also happy I could match my pretty africa-style Swarovski bracelet.

Time to order then…The menu is so fabulous that I had a real trouble to choose. I wanted it all!

While waiting for the order I let my eyes wonder round the interesting memoralia.

The food came and check out these beauties!

Any of these (or even all of them) will do, thank you!

When are you going to the legendary HRC in Glasgow?


My sort of a Guy!

Do you remember my Boudoir cocktails last week? Well before that, the whole entourage went for dinner to a place I had not been before (how surprising for me!)…Guy’s restaurant in Merchant City.

I was very impressed from the minute I walked in. The first thing that you notice is the warm environment and then allowing your eyes to wonder you see something unusual for a restaurant. A whole gallery of beautiful paintings, which yes you can buy if you wish, it takes place within it. Colourful, well-thought paintings hang on the walls, above your table, the next table and the tables across the room too. I really love and appreciate art therefore the whole concept made me warm to the place right away.

Can I please have this one?

This restaurant’s good impressions did not stop there. The staff is trained to perfection, and I mean to PERFECTION! Professional, polite and pleasant to a level I have never seen anywhere else I have been. And what can I say about the food…you need to taste for yourselves however I would go there again and again and again no second thoughts. All this was coupled with live jazz music which made an appropriate background to the interiors and cuisine.

Chris got the Haggis for starter and the venison on puy lentils for his main. He said they were really good.

I got the ravioli in lobster sauce for starter and the fillet steak for a main…yum yum!

Lyn decided on the duck breast for starter and the chilli chicken risotto for her main. She liked it very much too! This girl really enjoys her spicy food ;-)

But then Colin decided to be brave and he went for the raw scallops for starter and steak tartare for his main…he did not enjoy it very much but then he did not expect to either. He decided that raw food tastes of nothing. I doubt that the restaurant bears any responsibility about this. It is rather Colin’s adventurous nature that may need reassessment :-P

And now you are going to tell me “Ok darling…show us what you had for dessert”. We decided to go for cocktails and skip dessert (unfortunately that is, because I would love to try their desserts).

Needless though, I definitely and blindfolded I would go back to Guy’s and I recommended it for a special night out. When it comes to restaurants, that Guy is my sort of a guy!

Which is your favourite restaurant?



Boudoir cocktails

Exciting nights have passed and I am looking forward to the new posts about them. This one will show you what we were up to on Friday night. We went at a cocktail/wine bar but not just a bar. This place has style, plays great music and it can actually offer you fantastic cocktails! I have been to so many places that they cannot make a decent cocktail and it is always such a disappointment…especially for a cocktails’ girl like myself.

Our friends Lyn and Chris were with us too and as you will see from the photos we had a great time. I am looking forward to the next time we go out :-)

Lyn had a French martini to start with…

Then we followed with Violet Butterflies (secret recipe and totally amazing!)

The bar also has nights with live music but it is a lovely place to meet friends or if you are going romantic you should book one of the lovely booths.

I was so happy wearing my Vivienne Westwood dress and my new necklace!

Darren, the owner, could not resist a photo with the team!

And then it was time to go.

Which is your favourite cocktail bar in Glasgow?