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Hong Kong diary

I have been so excited about this trip. We were invited to Hong Kong some months ago, and the last few days the excitement was just getting bigger and out of control! I have managed to take lots and lots of photos that I will try to show you in this and following posts, so the first diary of my journey just starts here.

We took a direct flight from London, which was about 12 hours long; it was certainly no problem as we decided to book an overnight flight. I cannot recommend it enough! We arrived mid-afternoon local time and after a long needed shower, hair and make-up do at our hotel we went out for dinner. The weather is just perfect too! Imagine lovely spring weather requiring just long-sleeved tops, light-weight skirts or jeans and no jacket or overcoat (heaven!). Dinner was a lovely traditional Chinese/Thai selection of plates at a restaurant with one of the best views I have experienced.

Next day, I was up quite late but still retaining all my excitement. I explored the spa and swimming pool at the roof top of the hotel and I went shopping in the Pacific Place mall (oh dear, this place is so filled with so many beautiful things and yet so simple and minimal looking, it took my breath away). I must confess I did pay a visit in the Louis Vuitton shop for a bag from my Christmas wish-list but I was informed that the specific model had been discontinued…oh well I need to continue the search for the perfect bag then ;-). Coming back we took the Ferry across, such a cute little thing. Scarlett wanted so badly an ice-cream but we were 5 minutes late and the shop had just closed so she had to do with the healthy option of a large carton of milk before she happily fell asleep in her cot (she is almost 4 but the hotel thought it would be a good idea…and so did Scarlett!).

Day 3 involved a long long stroll in the centre of the city and Hollywood Road and a visit at the Man Mo temple. I admit that I was wearing completely the wrong shoes for this type of adventure and ended up blistered and unhappy. I had to buy a new pair of walking shoes to survive the rest of the trip. But I will keep all this detail for the next post.


Autumn leaves in Glasgow


It is this time of the year that the trees dress up in their autumn leaves, showing of colours of unique palettes and beauty. Autumn colours are my favourite as they complement my dark mediterranean complexion. In Glasgow specifically, the abundance of green and parks ensures a fantastic experience of colour, light and the sounds of dry leaves cracking under your boots.

I took my daddy to the Kelvingrove Park one sunny day and took some photos of the early autumn fashion show.





Where do you go to experience autumn glory in your city? I would love to come and visit it ;-)


Charity dinner at the Hampden Park for Alzheimer Scotland


Colin and I were invited to the charity dinner of Alzheimer Scotland at the Hampden Park Stadium in Glasgow. It was so exciting to be part of this since working all these years with patients I understand how much research and support contributes to improve quality of life and what a difference that makes to them. On arrival to the stadium, we were welcomed with a bubbly drink and were shown to our table, where a bag full of goodies was waiting for us. It contained a 1/2 hour spa treatment (you know I love these!), some eye make-up, a bottle of beer (I would prefer some pink champagne), and other little treats.

Paul Cooney opened the speeches and we were shown how patients with Alzheimer’s disease have been supported in groups that involve football games. It was so lovely to see patients to light up and get involved in interactions that their families did not think that they could still participate in.

Mr Craig Brown, CBE and famous manager of Scotland’s football team, he is actually the second most successful manager of all time, gave a very funny speech however he made the mistake to mention Greece which meant that he gave me the opportunity to meet him. He was very nice to me :-) When I went over to say hello, he was talking to Mr Bill Martin, this wonderful Scottish songwriter and music publisher. I was so thrilled to have my photo taken with them.










Charity142With Mr Craig Brown, CBE and second most successful manager of all time, and Mr Bill Martin, songwriter and music publisher (what an honour!).

Are there any charities that you support?


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The only place of calm in Glasgow!


I was thinking the other day that our lives are full of stress. We stress about things little or big, work or family, friends or foes. We stress because we are afraid. We are afraid of a future that may never come to us, we do tend to think that the worst is going to happen when times are not easy. This of course is a plain misunderstanding. Things will not necessarily get worse just because something negative has happened nor will the world stop going round because of our problems. We tend to blow up problems in our head like balloons and most of the time the size of these are nothing but air! When we pause a little we can see that around us there is nothing but calm and we can easily find this calm in nature around us. I have struggled with stress many times in the past and I am sure there will be sometimes in the future. But I have learned that, like all things, it goes away and what is left is a big relief that there are still things around me beautiful and calm that overpower any misery under the sun.

The photos were taken by myself at the Reservoir in Milngavie and I cannot recommend it enough for long walks when the sun appears. I am lucky to live right next to it so I take the opportunity to visit as often as the weather permits.


What is your favourite way to relax?

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When in Corfu…


Many of you ask me what to do, where to go when you visit Corfu. Corfu for me is not just my hometown. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. And it would be even better if the locals were a bit more sensitive towards it, if it took care of it more and respected the town and each other. However, I never supported moaning in this blog therefore I will stop here. When in Corfu I get dressed to feel like a million dollars.


I go for coffee to Kohlias Cafe and meet my fabulous friends.


I stroll around Corfu town (which has a unique history of Venetian, French and British occupancy and architecture) and take in all the details.








I stroll around in the warm sun and go shopping, shopping, shopping. My favourite shops are MEXX, BYoung, Acrobat, Kassandra’s and when I feel really really ready for a splash…Mezzo Mezzo is the place for haute couture.









I eat in lovely restaurants. This new favourite is called Salto and the chef/owner is the loveliest guy ever! The food is totally a different wonderful experience with unique combination of tastes. I went with Colin and our dearest friends, Eugenia and Kostas, to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. I just cannot believe how fast time has flown!



The environment of the restaurant is beautiful and relaxing. Check out this wall made of parts of wooden wine boxes! How artistic!





Some photos of the dishes we enjoyed to the level of desiring to lick the plates.



No this is not a dessert. It is halloumi cheese with peanuts and honey! Yum yum!


The weather was very nice so we went to a beach near Corfu town to enjoy it. Now this is NOT a beach I recommend. It is called Mon Repo and it is the only place in Corfu where you need to pay to enter for a swim. It was though a good opportunity to take some nice photos!

Look how strong Scarlett is!











Have you ever been to Corfu? Which island is your favourite? If you enjoyed this post you can find an earlier one I did for Corfu here :-)

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Spring holidays


A few weeks ago we went to Centre Parcs in Cumbria. It was unexpectedly nice, and I say that because I am more of a city girl. The nice thing about this holiday was that it combined lots of family orientated activities, like cycling, swimming, and amazing water-slides with adult luxuries such as a beautiful spa center and decent restaurants like Cafe Rouge, which we visited twice. Lyn and I went for a dual facial and body massage and we had a girl bonding chat looking at the fern garden afterwards. Chris and Colin arranged to play badminton the next day and we had a bowling game all together but I do have to admit that sports it is not my area of fabulousness. Far from that, people are always amazing but the level of incompetence I can reach…I am telling you it is surreal!

Cycling to dinner in style!


Max Mara coat, H&M dress, Zara low boots…I hope you approve ;-)


 Scarlett in her bike car.


Lyn advertises our restaurant perfectly.










Fun at the swimming pool.


The ducks in the centre’s lake were friendly and welcoming, especially if you had a piece of bread in your hands.


Have you been to centre parcs? We plan to go again next year and maybe the year after we can do Disneyland, which is one of my childhood dreams :-)